Lynda Moretti Regina
"I am a representational pastel artist choosing subjects that give me an immediate emotional response.
 That "ahh" moment that I just have to get on paper.  The majority of my paintings revolve around my family, my garden and places I've traveled to.  Using photographs I have taken I strive to capture the feeling I had at the time I first became struck by the beauty or humor or warmth or coolness of the subject.
 My goal in painting is to offer the viewer the same opportunity to feel what I felt when I first envisioned the scene."
Lynda knew from an early age that art would be an important element in her life.  Her talent was given recognition beginning in elementary school with awards that continued throughout high school culminating in her National Scholastic Art Awards as a senior and being offered an art scholarship from the Rhode Island School of Design.  Although her path in life took a turn away from pursuing an art degree she continued to draw and paint throughout the ensuing years.
She was introduced to soft pastels in the late 1990's and since then has used them exclusively for her paintings.  The "juicy" colors and ease of use grabbed her from the start.  She has taken classes and continues to take the occasional workshop with well known pastel artists.  She shares studio space with the Nutmeg Pastelists and she continues to show her work in local and national exhibitions where she has won numerous awards.